If you've been to the Yellowstone County Courthouse lately to take care of registration, license plates, or title issues, you know how painful that experience can be. My co-worker Johnny spent literally hours at the first-floor office last month, dealing with some title issues for a couple of our radio station vehicles/trailers/etc. A trip to the courthouse can test even the most patient.

Comedians have used the DMV as a source for low-hanging joke material for years and now you can easily find DMV humor on Twitter, on any given day.  Here are some recent examples.

The DMV is not the same as the MVD.

Some people confuse the DMV and the Motor Vehicle Department. When you head to the courthouse to get your license plates or deal with registration and title issues, that's the MVD. When you take a licensing test or renew your driver's license, you go to DMV. Both are operated under the Montana Department of Justice, but one is primarily for tax purposes, and the other is for licensing. Confusing, right?

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Jokes aside, I've been lucky at the Billings DMV.

I get it. The DMV can be a real pain in the butt. With the appointments, and long lines, and take a little number and wait your turn, topped off with a phone line that seems to never get answered. Maybe it's just dumb luck, but I've actually had pretty good experiences at our Billings DMV office on S. 27th St.

I recently stopped by to replace a lost driver's license and I was able to walk right in and handle my business in like 30 minutes, tops. And since we don't buy new cars very often our registration is simple; preferring to renew our plates by mail. It's so easy and it saves a ton of time not waiting in that giant line at the courthouse.

A new Motor Vehicle Departement office is now open in Billings.

County Commissioner Denis Pitman shared the above post on social media today (2/16), announcing the ribbon cutting at the new satellite MVD office now open at MetraPark. Located just inside the main lobby, residents are hopeful that this new office will take some of the pressure of the Courthouse location, and offers a new, convenient location for Heights residents to renew their plates or handle some title work. Note, this MVD office is operated by the State of Montana, not MVD Express, which is a privately-run company offering expedited services (with additional convenience fees).

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