I was at the store the other day, walking towards the cooler to grab my normal brand of cheap, watery, everyday light beer when I stopped to look around at the overwhelming amount of summer themed specialty "beers."

I use the term "beers" loosely because a lot of them are not really a traditional beer, but something flavored with malt liquor and whatever kind of crazy, random ingredients the beverage designers could come up with. Remember back in the day? When your only real option for a 12 pack of summer beers at the gas station was Corona? Or maybe some wine coolers. Ha. Bartles and James. Those were the days.

Not now. You've got seltzers, ciders, coolers, freezers. There are various Twisted Teas flavors, crap with pomegranate (!?!) mango and so many more crazy flavor combinations. Like the odd tasting "strawberry" beer from Natty Light called Naturdays.  And the new lemon tea flavored beer from Bud, along with their orange version. And their lime-a-rita version. It's like they're randomly tossing together drink ingredients just to see what might stick.

Would I drink any of these beverages in February? No. But it's SUMMERTIME! So, over the next couple of weeks I'll try some of those wacky flavors and give you my honest reviews, right here on the blog. In the meantime, I need something from you.  Please recommend your favorite summertime/on the lake/at the campground/by the pool beverage I should review. Your favorite hot-weather drink. One condition: it must be available at most gas stations/convenience stores. Thanks!




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