Frontman Kevin Cronin was having a humorous conversation with a TMZ reporter about the implications of REO Speedwagon's "Take It On the Run" when his son, clearly bored, said something awful.

The song, a No. 5 hit from 1981's Hi Infidelity, turns on a rumor about an unfaithful mate. After a few moments of this line of questioning, the youngster blurts out, "He f–ed her right in the p–!"

Cronin and his wife Lisa are clearly stunned – either because they weren't expecting that particular response or because they're unfamiliar with this nasty recent trend in pranking. As you can see in any number of NSFW videos, it’s become fashionable to interrupt broadcasters by shouting this phrase during live remotes. The joke actually started in a fake news report, then morphed into a meme.

Cronin, 63, ends up laughingly disowning the poor kid, who slips off screen while his parents try to compose themselves on camera. And, to think, it all started out so innocently, with Cronin impishly insisting that – with any rumor of infidelity – you'll need several independent sources for information. "I would have to have heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from another," Cronin was saying, before being interrupted.

REO Speedwagon's most recent release was 2014's Box Set Series, a four-disc collection featuring favorites like "Take It on the Run."

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