Contrary to internet rumors that began swirling last night, Rian Johnson is still working on his trilogy of Star Wars movies that was previously announced after he concluded work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The kerfuffle started with a rumor on the site Super Bro Movies (they have since taken down their article). Their sources claimed (supposedly, allegedly) that Johnson was no longer directing additional Star Wars movies. The rumor was then picked up by numerous sites, because any time there’s a rumor about Star Wars every single film blog on the web is required by internet law to repost it. If they don’t, they lose their internet movie news license.

Eventually someone actually asked Rian Johnson on Twitter whether the rumor was true, and he quickly shot it down:

The Super Bro Movies bros have since apologized on Twitter, and Johnson graciously accepted it, saying “No harm no foul at all guys, thanks. I think the rumor game makes fandom funner.” I’m kinda bummed, because I really wanted him to be super upset so I could reply “Forget it, Rian. It’s Internetrumortown.”

Rumors can be fun, although the rush to print any rumor, no matter how outlandish or absurd, makes things a little less fun from my perspective. You should always be skeptical of movie news on the web, particularly if you don’t know (or don’t trust) the source. Meanwhile, Johnson’s next film, the definitely-happening Knives Out, opens in theaters on November 27.

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