Richie Sambora has kept himself busy as a solo artist since departing the Bon Jovi lineup last year, and he's continued that run of activity with the debut of a new single dedicated to helping people struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Billboard reports that the new track, titled 'Lighthouse,' was one of several Sambora performed during his appearance at a Toms River, N.J. drug abuse forum on May 27. "I wanted to do something optimistic, a beacon of light and hope," he told attendees, explaining the title. "Everyone needs that light when they're far off the shore."

Singing 'Lighthouse' lines such as "Those who matter don't judge / When you're swimming with the tide in the wake of a flood," Sambora added, "I'm mostly here as the father of a 16-year-old girl," Sambora said. "I'm scared. ... But we can't be scared silent. Together we can make a difference because this epidemic has to stop. People get to a point where they get overwhelmed and they drown in their doubt and that’s when they’re most vulnerable and that’s when you let your faith shine like a lighthouse."

Sambora, who also performed Bill Withers' 'Lean on Me' and Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer,' repeated his earlier claim that he expects to rejoin the band at some point, although he didn't offer any clues as to when. "It was my family," he pointed out. "We've been doing this for over 30 years. I'm the guy who wrote these songs, who co-produced the records. We would tour for 12 to 18 and a half months. My last tour was 52 countries ... You realize you miss a lot of life."

Although no release date has been announced, 'Lighthouse' will be sold on iTunes, with proceeds going to help build a drug treatment facility in Ocean County, N.J.

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