It looks like those rumors regarding Ritchie Blackmore revisiting his rock 'n' roll past might actually be true — to a point, anyway.

The former Deep Purple guitarist and Rainbow leader responded to those reports during a recent interview with Le Parisien, admitting that he has been considering some sort of project that would pay tribute to his work with those bands, but cautioning that there's been "a little confusion and some uncertainty" regarding the scope of the whole endeavor.

Although former Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner has said he's teaming up with Blackmore for a full-fledged reunion effort, it sounds like he may have spoken too soon. Whatever Blackmore ends up doing, he says he doesn't think Turner will be part of it — though he admits Turner "does not know it yet."

"He does his thing on his side, I like him, and I made good albums and great songs with him," said Blackmore. "But I think [I want] a mixture in the group, with known people and others not at all. This is my state of mind right now."

Blackmore's current plans call for the project to come together next summer, "just for a few days in June," during which he'll perform Deep Purple and Rainbow songs in an unspecified live setting. "I'm not decided on the people with whom I want to work. I have a good idea about the ideal candidates, but it would not be fair to say now," he added. "We will probably do three or four shows in June, that's all."

In the meantime, Blackmore has a new album from his band Blackmore's Night on the way. Titled All Our Yesterdays, it's due on Sept. 18.

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