Ask anyone who's ever played in a band and they'll tell you, the drummer is always the stinkiest dude in the group. Thanks to one drummer's pungent flatulence, a Washington D.C. nightclub owner is in trouble with the authorities.

Madam's Organ Blues Bar, a D.C. area institution, recently received a $500 fine from the city's Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration. According the owner, it was the first time the club has ever been fined after over 20 years in business.

Local law requires music venues to keep all doors and windows shut after 12:30 a.m. The violation occurred last June when the drummer of a local band broke wind in the dressing room. In an effort to escape from the noxious fumes, his band mates opened a window after curfew. On that very day, local regulators were conducting an inspection of the venue and issued the club owner a citation.

The venue's proprietor is planning to appeal the ruling. Meanwhile, the identity of the flatulent drummer has not been publicly revealed.

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