Up until recently, the only wall allowed in Boston’s Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, was the mighty Green Monster. That is until yesterday (July 1) when Roger Waters rolled in with a wall of his own. Building  ‘The Wall’ of the Pink Floyd era double album variety in the historic ball park, Waters made quick work of the legendary stadium, making it his own musical playground.

Waters has been on tour in support of ‘The Wall’ for the last two years, and this summer finds him getting creative by invading ball parks and stadiums around the nation. He’s also planning on history-making finale by creating his biggest wall to date when the tour wraps up in Quebec City, Quebec.

While ‘The Wall’ of today seems to take on a whole new life of it’s own, attacking more modern social and political issues, the conceptual work of art dreamed up by the bassist and Pink Floyd in 1979 still maintains it’s theatrical grandeur amplified by all of the multi-media advances since its original release decades ago.

With just a few dates left to spectacle that is Roger Waters and ‘The Wall’ before the tour comes to a close, check out the remaining dates in July here.

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