Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters has the biggest tour of 2012 at the year’s midpoint, as his live production of the classic ‘The Wall’ album moved the turnstiles at a major clip.

Waters spoke with Billboard about how his production team and technological advances have aided in his ability to provide a visually stunning show as well. The singer says, “I can conceptualize things, but it’s all my technical people, like Sean Evans who is the designer or Richard Turner who does the projections … When I say to them, ‘Can this be done?,’ they go [long intake of breath], ‘Yeah, maybe.’ And then we try and do it, and we succeed and we fail. But, by and large, there’s somebody on my team that knows the answer to any question I can ask them.”

With ‘The Wall’ still popular today, Waters says he’s realized that the idea he initially conceptualized is much bigger than he ever imagined. He explained, “I’ve realized that because of the theatrical construction of the “wall” — which was an idea I had back in ’77 because of my disaffection with big audiences and stadiums and all that — the power of the metaphor lends the story a much more universal vision and appeal.”

He adds, “I’ve come to realize it’s not about me — it’s about anybody that has suffered the loss of a loved one in some kind of conflict, whether it be war or something else. It’s about the problems we all face with errant authority, or all the difficulties we all have in relationships with one another, whether they’re sexual relationships or political/internal relationships. That excited me about revisiting this piece.”

Waters admits that he finds it ironic that ‘The Wall’ is now playing in major stadiums and ballparks, which is the exact thing that inspired his initial alienation. But he adds, “I’ve come to realize that not only does it work in big spaces, its appeal is such that people in big spaces feel intimately connected with the message.”

While Waters has a big jump on his closest competitors, ‘The Wall’ tour just came to a conclusion in Quebec this past Saturday (July 21).

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