Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush sat down for a video chat session to answer Rolling Stone readers' questions, and offered a glimpse of what the future might hold for the band.

In between a few "what's your favorite" questions — which found Lee and Lifeson sharing their favorite song to play live, favorite superhero and favorite guitar solo — the interview asked the duo to offer a prediction as to whether their recently concluded R40 tour will really be their last. At this point, it sounds like not even the band members know for sure.

"I'd like to know myself," admitted Lee. "I can't answer the question, really, because I have no idea, but it doesn't look good at this point. Not all of us agree on whether they want to tour again. It's difficult, because we all have a different idea about touring, and at this moment, we are not all on the same page."

That being said, new music is still a definite possibility. Stressing that as far as he's concerned, the band isn't done yet ("but I can't speak for everyone"), Lee responded to the question of a new album by saying, "We don't have any immediate plans for that. Right now we're on holiday. I hope once the new year rolls around and the juices get flowing and we get hungry again we can talk about that."

In the meantime, fans have the R40 Live set to look forward to — a concert recording that, even though it isn't the band's first, still holds a special meaning for the band, while offering a look back on the Rush catalog from a unique perspective.

"The fact that it was in our hometown made it a bit more special," said Lee. "It was kind of full circle to our very first live album. The first thing we came up with was this concept of reverse chronological order, and then we had to set about the arduous task of arguing about which songs would fit in that reverse chronological order. I think the first version was about four hours long, and we just kept cutting back."

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