This morning in our early morning discussion we were talking about Russia.

I was trying to think what in the heck they contribute to the world besides energy. I told Mark that they don't even have any good food.

Think about it: Are there any good Russian restaurants around that you know of? When's the last time you ate Russian food? I've never been anywhere that has Russian cuisine.

There is one Russian food place in Billings that I found, Alissa's Russian House, but I think that's just tea and desserts.

Almost every country, at least the large ones, has great food that is associated with its culture. Look at Mexico - of course, we all know our neighbors have great food.

Authentic Mexican barbacoa food
Credit: rez-art, Getty Images

What about Italy or France? They too have great food.

There's China, they have great food or Japan, lots of good oriental cuisine.

Wild Ginger restaurant in Billings MT
Credit: Google Maps

The countries in Europe all have good food from waffles to sauerkraut. Look at the Irish or the fish 'n chips from Great Britain. All of these countries have some great food that is enjoyed around the world; not Russia. Heck, you can drive down the Heights and find food from Asia, Italy, Mexico... but not Russia.

Mark rattled off some of the main foods in Russia like Borska tusk or something like that. Outside of Vodka and oil they really don't have much to contribute to the rest of us. Maybe that's what we need here next: An all-you-can-eat Russian buffet like the Chinese places do.

Russian vodka pouring from the bottle into glass in a bar. Copy space.
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I'll guarantee you'll be able to get in and get a table on any Saturday night.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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