I came across this CNN story yesterday about a Russian polar bear that had been spray painted. Someone sprayed "T-34" (the name of an old Russian tank) in large black letters on the side of the bear. Ok... two things.

  1. I would love to meet the person with balls big enough to walk up to a bear and spray paint it. Maybe it's one of those "town bears" like you see in Red Lodge, scrounging through garbage cans? Regardless of how tame the bear might seem, there is no way I would ever get close enough to paint one. Town bear or not.
  2. We finally get a bear story that doesn't involve tourists being idiots in Yellowstone Park. I know we don't have polar bears in Yellowstone, but I could totally see someone trying to do something like this in the park.

Wildlife officials say the paint will likely wash off in the rain fairly soon, but the bear could have temporary problems hunting, now that his camo is blown.

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