September 9th Yellowstone County Safe Kids Day at Rimrock Mall Center Court from 11a-2p.  Among other things the group will talk about bike safety, car seat check, fire truck tours, self-defense demo, zoo animal visit, a distracted driving display and spinal screening.  For more information call 651-5433.  I think this is a great idea.  We didn't have a program like this when I was a kid.  Our program was call Aunt Carol.  That's right Aunt Carol.  She didn't have kids at the time and made sure you were not going to even get a bloody knee, because running on gravel was DANGEROUS!.  Her idea of self-defense was, "don't go outside".  We didn't have car seats when I was a kid.  In fact we would ride in the back section of the station wagon with the window rolled down.  We didn't have fire truck tours but we knew how to hide in the back of dad's pickup when the bug spray guy drove by every night spraying some deadly chemical throughout the neighborhood.  Bike safety was determined once your jump ramp got too high.  Ah, enough of the old man talk, this event should be fun for the kids.