Tomorrow at Rimrock Mall, the Spirit of Giving with KULR-8 Television officially kicks off, accepting donations for local organizations... such as Toys for Tots, the Billings Food Bank, and Family Service.

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However, after the drama that has unfolded with the Food Bank over the course of the summer, fall, and now winter... another peaceful protest is planned to bring awareness to those donating to the Billings Food Bank.

A Private Organization In Disarray

Since we highlighted the issues at the Food Bank in May, there has been continuing coverage of those issues from not only us here at Townsquare Media but also all other local media organizations. Our local television stations, KULR-8 & KTVQ have investigated the claims of rotten and moldy food, along with people being turned away by the CEO Sheryle Shandy.

Also, most recently, a group formed together on Facebook called "Billings Community Making Changes For Those In Need", in an attempt to oust Shandy as the CEO of the "Private, Non-Profit" organization known as the Billings Food Bank... by bringing non-stop awareness to our community about the ongoing happenings at the organization.

They hosted a protest back in October outside the Food Bank, collecting donations for other programs in our area, that provide to those who need it. KTVQ & KULR-8 covered that event, as we were unable to with other obligations on that day.

Another Protest, More Awareness For The Community

And once again, the group is coming together for another peaceful protest against CEO Sheryle Shandy and the Billings Food Bank. This time, they will be organizing at Rimrock Mall during the "NonStop Local / KULR-8 Spirit of Giving" event.

That event is planned from 6 AM to 6 PM, tomorrow, December 1st, at Rimrock Mall. The Spirit of Giving event is located in the Women's Dillard's parking lot, right off 24th Street, as shown below.

However, the protesters will be on the public sidewalk next to the event, hoping to reach anyone driving by with their peaceful messages on poster boards, from 11 AM to 1 PM. They welcome anyone and everyone to come and support their cause.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Sheryle Shandy should retire from the Food Bank? Should another organization come together, and work with the Montana Food Bank Network, to bring another option to Billings? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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