Samuel L. Jackson is by far one of our favorite tweeters, thanks to Jimmy Fallon who taught the celeb how to use the social media site. For one, he made the 2012 Olympics that much more entertaining with statements like, “Did that Russian just do the ‘whoa Gurl Whut wuz in That Drank, dat Sh*t wuz Skrong’ Vault landing?!” However, his most recent sentiments regarding Hurricane Isaac threw people into a bit of a tizzy.

As you probably know, the GOP Convention is taking place in Tampa as we speak and was in danger of being hit by Isaac. Then the storm changed tracks towards New Orleans, and while the GOP attendees were probably relieved, Jackson had this to say [CAUTION! Some NSFW language common with Samuel L. Jackson lies ahead]:

Naturally, people were pretty upset by this statement and, as expected, sent a flurry of anti-Jackson responses back in his face. As a result, ‘The Avengers‘ star had this to say:

And this…

… And this…

Apparently Jackson never heard the saying, “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all” ’cause people will bait you on Twitter and Facebook until they feel they’ve won. Sorry, Jackson. Although you may have kicked butt at the box office this summer, this is one battle you probably won’t win.

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