Thank the good Lord, Christmas is over. I hope you and your family made it through the hype and hoopla and pressure and stress. Now, we can all move on to 2020, hoping (likely in vain) for a better year than 2019 was. Bring it on.

I realize Christmas is not about the toys, but sometimes... it is. My quirky little 3 1/2 year old decided MONTHS ago that what she really wanted for Christmas was a "Target dog". Targets ad campaigns are apparently highly effective.

Now, one would think finding a stuffed Target dog toy would be easy. Surely, you could buy one at their store, right? Wouldn't it make sense for one of the largest brick-and-mortar retailers in America to carry plush versions of their toy that is prominently featured in a most of their television, web and print advertising? Nope.

They sure as hell don't. Not a small Target dog, not a large Target dog. None in the store. None on Some were found on Amazon for almost $100. My wife Santa is a great shopper and somehow managed to find one on eBay with the timer almost out for like $30. It came with the original tag (from 1999) with an original price of $19.99. Can someone please tell me why Target doesn't carry them all of the time?

My crazy, wild toddler got a bunch of other toys, but she LOVES her Target dog most out of all the other trendy, plastic toys. By the way, if you are looking for a real dog, make sure to catch our Wet Nose Wednesdays, featuring an adoptable forever friend from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

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