Today's rant is the same as many I've done before, just updated for tax season.

I finally got my taxes done last Friday. The state of Montana kept every single penny that it withheld from my paycheck all year. (Not paying me one penny of interest for keeping and using my money for the year, but that's for a different rant). And, additionally, I had to send more in!

And then, in Sunday's opinion section in the Billings Gazette, they publish an opinion asking you to vote for additional money in this whole "Say Yes for Kids" campaign. You're not saying "Yes" to kids this time. You're saying "Yes" to 33.5 additional staff. Then, they throw "overcrowding" at you. Were we overcrowded last year?

We just gave the schools $122 million a couple of years ago, and now they want more? Do you realize voting for this is actually saying "No" to senior citizens and people who are on fixed income.

I'm not against kids; it's just time to take a look at how money is being spent in our schools. ($12,500 per student on public school students in Montana). It's time for some consolodation of school districts and reduntant positions within our system.

You can't keep asking the property taxpayer for more.

And more.

And more.

It's time to fix this.



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