As the master of ceremonies for this year's Roast on the Range, Sebastian Bach planned on presiding over a slew of insults hurled at Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor -- but he ended up on the receiving end of a few barbs himself, courtesy of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian.

Mocking the smaller clubs Bach plays as a solo artist -- and his decision to promote himself as the former singer of Skid Row -- Ian referenced an infamous Spinal Tap moment when he quipped, "Remember, it's Skid Row first, puppet show second." Weighing in on Bach's complaints that his former bandmates refused a 25th anniversary reunion because they must be "allergic to cash," Ian retorted, "You said they must hate money. No, they just hate you."

Having poked fun at Bach's career, Ian turned to the formerly svelte singer's looks, saying, "You're the one man who makes Dee Snider look like he's aged well. Over the course of 20 years, you've gone from Paris Hilton to Lemmy -- you're like Dorian Gray, but backwards. Drugs are bad, kids."

Somewhat ironically, Bach admitted in a red carpet interview at the event that he'd previously turned down an opportunity to be the guest of honor at a Roast on the Range. "I was asked two years ago to be roasted," he recalled. "I said 'No, I don't feel like it.' I had just lost my home in a hurricane and s---. I wasn't in the mood. I can handle being roasted if I was in a good place, but if I get divorced and lose my home and s---, I don't feel like it. So then they ask me now, 'Can you roast someone else?' Yeah, I can do that."

Here's hoping Bach's in a good place these days. Although we know he's less than thrilled about the sales of his new record, he'll be on the road all summer promoting it -- and hopefully no puppet shows will be involved.

Sebastian Bach Summer 2014 Tour Dates
7/01 - Aschaffenburg, Germany
7/02 - Munchen, Germany
7/03 - Milan, Italy
7/05 - Knebworth, U.K.
7/06 - Weert, the Netherlands
7/07 - Manchester, U.K.
7/08 - Wolverhampton, U.K.
7/09 - London, U.K.
7/11 - Balingen, Germany
7/15 - Malmo, Sweden
7/16 - Gothenburg, Sweden
7/17 - Oslo, Norway
7/19 - Farsund, Norway
7/25 - Royalton, Minn.
8/01 - Nanaimo, British Columbia
8/02 - Calgary, Alberta
8/08 - Flint, Mich.
8/09 - Traverse City, Mich.
8/10 - Cleveland, Ohio

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