Have you seen Metallica before? Unmatched live show. I promise, seen them once before in Phoenix.  Even better, it's a chance for you to get out of town on us.  Airfare, hotel, tickets and $500 spending cash comes with it.

Enter here. 

Now let's talk about the openers.

Avenged Sevenfold, what do you know about them?  If you like guitar guys the man in this band is Synyster Gates, exceptional guitar player and I don't say that lightly.  Remember I was married to a musician. Not to him, maybe he can be my next ex-husband.

Volbeat, is a Danish metal band and they rock. Mike Poulsen is the lead singer and writes most of the songs is a huge Johnny Cash fan.

Dylan Ayer, Townsquaremedia

So think of Volbeat like this. What if Johnny Cash would have been metal? They definitely have their own sound though. Above, a pic of my Volbeat pass when I got to meet them two years ago. Did I mention you will get to meet them as well? Yeah, it's also part of the trip.

Videos below for you of the two openers in case you don't know a ton about them.  We can't send you to a show and not have you to ready to sing along with all the songs.

Travel will be provided by Cook Travel Station of Billings.

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    Written about his father passing. Was his first hit song.  I'm sure his dad would have been proud.

  • 2

    Lola Montez

    Cool track about a woman that seduced a king.  Lola Montez is also the name of a lake in California.

  • 3

    16 Dollars

    Here's a little bit of that Johnny Cash I was telling you about.

  • 4

    Bat Country

    This track is based on the "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" book by Hunter S. Thompson.

  • 5


    How great is Synyster Gates?  I think this track says a ton. Check out the guitar from about 4:48 till the end.  Good stuff