Mother Nature sure is trying to drown us here in Billings, today. Over an inch according to NWS so far, but I can promise you it's a lot more than that after driving on Grand Avenue today.

Rain, Snow, Stalled Vehicles, and More!

We're seeing all sorts of reports coming in from across Montana today. From major flooding across Billings, to snow just west of us in Butte, Bozeman, etc. Not to mention, more and more images of stalled vehicles that were driven into very deep water.

What have you seen?

I want any photos or videos you may have, Montana! We'd love to compile a big gallery of them all, surrounding this wild May weather! Here's how to send us your photos or videos.

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What are your thoughts?

Have you had just about enough of the weather today? Or, have you had issues with this weather? Let us know on our App Chat, or on Facebook.

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