After a long, hard and sweaty workout, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a cheap Mexican beer (Tecate or Sol, to be precise). The other thing we want after a long hot run is a shower, and we often vacillate between which we want first.

We’re apparently not the only ones facing this dilemma or else there would be no need for this — meet the Shakoozie, a beer koozie for your shower. It takes care of frequent shower/beer issues, like said beer falling off the lip of the bathtub, or water getting in the beer when trying to rest it in a non-optimal place.

Exciting development, but sadly, it’s not a perfect product. Shakoozie sticks to your shower wall – literally. You must put the “launch pad,” which is a sticker with a piece of fabric that the velcro on the Shakoozie sticks to, on your shower wall. We just installed new tile in our office bathroom, and didn’t want to slap a sticker on it and get fired, so we had a friend test the Shakoozie in the shower of his rental house. DEPOSIT BE DAMNED, LOOK AT US DOING ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC TESTING!

Once you on stick that sticker, you can’t move it. You’ve got to make up your mind early about Shakoozie placement. So if you want a bath time beer instead of a shower beer, you’re out of luck, unless you have really long arms.

We give the Shakoozie a B- for being a great idea with a yet-to-be-perfected delivery method.

[Via Shakoozie]

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