Quite the sight in downtown Billings today! In case you missed it, two representatives from PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were spreading their meat-free message by baring it all!
The women were showering naked underneath Skypoint to get the word about being vegan. Talk about brave!

I was on the air so I missed it, but according to KTVQ, on the strategically placed curtain of the makeshift shower were several messages stating how much water it takes to create one pound of ground beef.
One read, “1 lb. of meat equals 2,643 gallons of water”.
The group hopes the very visual display would promote dialogue among people passing by while giving the representatives a chance to spread their message of adopting a vegan lifestyle.
The PETA representatives are currently touring Montana and plan to stop in Helena on Thursday and Missoula on Friday.
I’ll give them this….they have always been creative and outgoing about spreading their message!
I wonder if today’s display actually prompted anyone to go meat free?
Source: KTVQ Television

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