Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has their pet peeves. From the little things that drive you bananas, to huge annoyances that happen EVERY STINKING DAY! But, what are the most common pet peeves in Montana, for Montanans, that we can ALL agree on?

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One of my pet peeves is a small issue, but it drives me nuts every time it happens. I was taught from the moment I started growing up to hold open the door for someone. ESPECIALLY someone who is disabled... and it simply doesn't matter if it takes them time to get through that door. Be kind, and it will come back to you.

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But... what are some commonly shared Pet Peeves for Montanans? We've got 7 of them just for you.



#7 Out Of State Drivers

It's a pretty universal hatred across Montana. If you can go one day without someone complaining about California or Texas drivers, you are lucky!



#6 Out Of State Drivers IN BAD WEATHER

Oh yeah, this gets its own number. We already deal with crappy drivers when the sun is shining... but why not compound it with people from out of state, on balding tires, trying to zoom around. A real-life edition of "First in the ditch wins!" Or, you are like the poor Texan above... and learn about gravity rapidly.



#5 Our State Flower - The Construction Cones

Yes, I am fully aware our state flower is the Bitterroot... but, honestly, it really is the construction cones. Every summer they come out of hiding, and slow us all down.



#4 High Cost Of Living

Recently, we compared Billings, Montana (The largest city in Montana) to a city in Texas with a similar population and industrial setup. The price of housing between Billings and Midland, Texas for similar housing is $50-100K.



#3 Politicians

Whether you are someone who follows politics or not... I think the majority of Montanans would vote for less government and less political BS.



#2 Change

No, not the coins. Change as in... changes to our lifestyle, politics, and more. Montanans love to go by the motto "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".




According to Zippia.com, the #1 pet peeve for Montanans is simply bragging about anything. Montanans work hard for what they have and are generally not too kind to those who come around in fancy cars to show off. Or people who fly to Montana and ask their smart glasses if horses can feel cold...

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