It seems there was some lip syncing during Beyonce's halftime show at the Super Bowl last night. But it wasn't Beyonce -- it was Shaq, who decided to film himself doing it and upload it to the internet because of course he did.

Shaq-Fu uploaded it to TOUT with the title "I can feel your halo beyonce was fabulous." So now you can rest easy if you've been wondering whether or not Shaq likes Beyonce.

Anyone who has ever heard the song 'What's Up, Doc?' by Shaq and the Fu-Schnickens knows that the big guy can rap. (No, he really can't.) But who knew Shaq was so soulful with his lip-synchs? Watch his performance with the Fu-Schnickens below for comparison. Do you think Shaq should release another album? Is this video just encouraging him?

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