Everyone knows that the music industry has been struggling, is it because of illegal downloads? Is it iTunes? Or is it because music sucks? Looking at the list of the top 10 selling albums so far, I'm leaning toward the later. I can forgive Beyonce and Katy Perry because of their sheer hottness. But Cold Play? Lorde? Who's listening to this crap?

Things are bad all over in the music industry. Just five albums sold more than 500,000 copies over the first six months of 2014, and only one of them, the "Frozen" soundtrack, sold over a million.  Here are the Top 10 Selling Albums in 2014, and the number of copies sold:

1.  The "Frozen" soundtrack, 2.7 million copies

2.  The surprise, self-titled album Beyoncé released in December, 702,000 copies

3.  "The Outsiders"Eric Church, 642,000 copies

4.  "Pure Heroine"Lorde, 641,000 copies

5.  "Ghost Stories"Coldplay, 589,000 copies

6.  The "Now 49" compilation, 482,000 copies

7.  "Crash My Party"Luke Bryan, 455,000 copies

8.  "Prism"Katy Perry, 453,000 copies

9.  The "Now 50" compilation, 452,000 copies

10.  "Girl"Pharrell Williams, 452,000 copies

Where's my Rock N Roll? And not the goo goo dolls wussy rock, where's this generation's Bad Company, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden? Musical Armageddon is near! I wonder, when Pharrell Williams enters the gates of music hell, will he still be wearing that ridiculous Dudley Doo-right hat?


(Billboard.com has the Top 20.)

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