Sitting at home for days (going into weeks) while we ride out the coronavirus is already getting pretty old. Imagine how you will feel a month from now? Ugh. A person can only handle so much Netflix. Now seems like a great time to learn to play the guitar. The Fender guitar company wants to help you out. For free.

I took lessons for a like a year when I was a teenager. Then I kind of lost interest. Fast forward a couple of decades and I decided I needed to buy a new guitar. Some of the lessons from youth stuck with me and I can manage to slop together a few noisy chords. My wife is like, "Ummm, what song is that?" and I'm like, "You can't tell!? It's Tom Petty!!" I'm not very good. At all.

Since everyone is social distancing, Fender is doing something really cool. They're offering three months of their free online guitar lessons. I just signed up and they're accepting up to 500,000 people. You can pick your favorite musical style (Country, Rock, Classical, etc.) and the lessons start with very basic, I-know-nothing-about-guitars and progress from there. It's really slick. You can skip lessons that are too easy. No credit card is necessary to open your account. SIGN UP HERE. Happy strumming, you little rock star.

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