Magic City Blues
Magic City Blues festival is Tonight and Saturday in downtown Billings.  It marks the 16th year of a variety of music.  I've got the schedule below for you.
AN 18+ SHOW (bring your i.d.) | Gates open at 5pm
Stillwater Stage
05:30pm Gladys Friday
07:30pm Charlie Parr
09:30pm Victor Wainwri…
Top 5 Monday Songs
What's up Monday, ya big jerk!  Yeah, no one likes you.  :)
It must be hard being the day of the week and that everyone not only hates but dreads as well.  Don't fret Monday.  Some great musicians have written about you.
Sorry to say but some like you better than others
-Love Dylan
Billings, When was the Last Time You Saw Zen?
I am a music snob.... I know, what a pain.  I like to watch great musicians. Otherwise I just get frustrated and leave.  Hell, as someone who went to school for recording I'm just a pain if it sounds like crap, I've walked out.
Look, I came by it naturally...

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