After decades of marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne knows a thing or two about bad behavior. And she isn't amused by pop star Justin Bieber's recent antics.

"I feel really bad for him," Osbourne said in a recent interview with the Daily Beast. "There’s this little kid with a huge dream, he’s cute, girls love him and he wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a f---in’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out."

Going on to reference Bieber's recent headline-grabbing night out, which culminated with him urinating in a janitor's mop bucket and swearing at a picture of Bill Clinton, Osbourne continued, "It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re the bad boys!’ F--- off! You don’t know what bad is."

Bieber's biggest problem, according to Osbourne, is a case of colorblindness. "I think that he’s lost, I really do," she insisted. "I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem. And at the point he’s at in his career, it’s so dangerous because we’ve seen it all before a million times. Where do you go when you’re a child entertainer and then you want to transition to be a man? Very few make it."

While most would agree that Osbourne could have chosen a few of her words more carefully, it's obvious that the formerly squeaky-clean Bieber has created a bit of an image problem for himself. And who knows more about doing damage control (and getting in trouble for peeing in public) than Ozzy's bride? Maybe Justin just needs to hire her to help him get his career back on track.