What's going on?

Best Time Of Day To Buy Gas at Costco
Jumbo toilet paper pack jokes aside, Costco really is a good place to shop for your household items. Including gas. Usually the lines are really long. Today I discovered the perfect time to fuel up. No lines.
Pumpkin Patches are Open for 2019
Billings area pumpkin patches are now open. There seems to be fewer and fewer around since Sartorie Farms and J & K Farms (my favorite!) have both closed in recent years. Here are the three remaining pumpkin patches that I'm aware of.
27th Street closed at Montana Avenue
If you drive downtown Billings on a regular basis, be aware that the 27th Street intersection between Montana Avenue and 1st Ave South is closed and will remain closed for at least the next two weeks.
Classic Rockers Getting Old
When it comes to my favorite singers and bands it doesn't seem like they should age. They should always be the same way I remember them when I saw them in concert 20 years ago, or when MTV still played videos.
Nominees announced for Toy Hall of Fame
Why didn't anyone tell me there is a Toy Hall of Fame?? It's true. It's part of the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. Their list of 2019 nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame is out now. Check out these classic toys.
Roadside Stands in Montana
Sweet corn, potatoes, Flathead cherries... I always try to stop at roadside stands. It doesn't get any fresher or more supportive of local businesses than buying it straight from the producer.
Healing Field 2019 in Laurel
If you missed the Healing Field display last year, it's really worth checking out. 1,000 six foot American flags are laid out on a perfect grid. It is a humbling experience.