It was a night for history and heartbreak at this year's X Games Skateboard Vert final. Athletes took two wall-to-wall runs across a 60-foot halfpipe, combining technical spins and lip tricks. Judges ranked riders based on aggressive execution, variety, originality, continuity of run, style and degree of difficulty.

Twenty-year-old Jimmy Wilkins became the youngest Vert gold medalist in the history of the games, narrowly beating out crowd favorite Sandro Dias with a stylish run that included a mind-blowing ollie 540. Wilkins’ victory ended veteran and crowd favorite Bucky Lasek’s streak of four consecutive gold medals. Forty-one-year-old Lasek, still recovering from a recent elbow injury and wearing a shirt that read “I’m hurt, not old,” placed last.

See our exclusive gallery below, then scroll down for the full final standings.


X Games Austin 2014 Skateboard Vert Final Results

1. Jimmy Wilkins, 87.00 (USA)
2. Sandro Dias, 85.66 (BRA)
3. Mitchie Brusco, 84.00 (USA)
4. Andy Macdonald, 83.66 (USA)
5. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 82.00 (CAN)
6. Bucky Lasek, 21.33 (USA)

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