You probably saw the picture of the sky bridge that connects the hotel we work in to the parking garage. And that's the second time that has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, not everybody driving Montana's roads is driving a big ole semi and can reach structures that tall. So, as a public service for out-of-state drivers coming to the 406 for the first time, I'm going to give you a few pointers on the best things to hit while driving here.

Let's start with wildlife. Now before I get letters from the folks who want to prevent cruelty to animals, I'm just kidding here. But I have hit my fair share of critters here in our state. None of them on purpose. I've hit several birds, a fox, a skunk, and just recently got a deer. She actually ran into me, but it still counts.

Mailboxes in rural areas are popular targets in our state. And that's why many of the folks build much stouter mailboxes after theirs gets taken out a time or two. I've seen them made out of railroad ties, logs, and all sorts of metal fabrications that were welded together.

Another popular target is a big rock located in front of one of our City Brew locations. In fact, they even have their own Facebook page with pictures of vehicles stuck on top of their rock. And it happens a lot. If you don't have a picture of your vehicle stuck on a rock put on social media for all to see, then don't park on their rock.

So there you have it, out of staters. A little help for you when you visit us.

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