Continuing our series on famous women from Montana for Women's History Month, we turn towards the bright lights of Hollywood, where a small town, Western Montana girl became one of America's most famous actresses. Her many roles would earn her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a lifetime achievement award from the Kennedy Center. That's right, it's Myrna Loy.

Myrna Loy
Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Small town beginnings for a Big Time Star

The future Myrna Loy was born Myrna Williams in Helena, Montana in 1905. Her childhood was spent in nearby Radersburg, taking up dance lessons after relocating to California for her mother's medical issues. After her father passed away in 1918, they permanently moved to Culver City, California.

Loy was typically cast as a femme fatale in the majority of films she starred in, but she's most famous for the film series The Thin Man alongside William Powell. Her portrayal of Nora Charles conveyed a flirtatious and hilarious character who would solve mysteries with her husband Nick.

Myrna Loy
Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A voice against the Nazi regime during World War 2

Loy served the Red Cross and spoke out against Adolf Hitler and his regime during the Second World War. She was also the favorite actress of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and became close friends with his wife, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Loy had surgery for an unspecified illness in 1993 but passed away due to complications of that surgery. Her last appearance in any public setting was in 1991 when she accepted an Academy Honorary Award for lifetime achievement via camera.

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One of the most prolific actresses in the history of the Silver Screen, Myrna Loy will always be remembered as the woman from Montana who charmed viewers of all kinds. She will be missed.

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