MetraPark will become the epicenter of thrash metal on November 22 when the final leg of Slayer's world tour comes to First Interstate Arena.

Special guests Primus, Ministry, and Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals will join Slayer on their Final World Tour that travels with a crew of 32, including 4 truck drivers and a pryo-expert that blows up 160 pounds of propane at most shows.

Fans of Slayer have become legendary for their dedication to the band. A Slayer fan in Toronto was kicked out of the arena before the band performed, so he up jumped into nearby Lake Ontario and swam back to the venue. Now that Slayer fan is getting his own beer can.

Over a jackhammer beat, Slayer's stun guitars created scraping sheets of corrosive metal noise, with occasional solos that sounded like squealing brakes, over which the singer-bassist emitted a larynx-lacerating growl-yowl. Joe Brown of The Washington Post, Wikipedia

Tickets for Slayer: The Final Campaign are $39.50 - $89.50 and on sale now at the MetraPark box office, by calling 1-800-366-8358 or CLICK HERE.


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