Oh the horror!! Or... Total awesome sauce? And the sauce in this case is real pigs blood!!

Remember back in the day when the satanic buzz was all about Ozzy and his oral bat beheading? That's child's play now days. This past Sunday night in Brooklyn NY, Swedish death metal band Watain opened their show by bringing a goat's skull to the front of the stage and sprayed screaming fans with a deluge of pigs blood. The crowd went insane and a few were seen projectile vomiting  causing a chain reaction of puking and horrifying screams.

The Satanic Swedes have been known to perform with dead goat carcusus on stage and covering themselves in blood, burying their soaked clothing in graveyards after each gig. Watain's lead singer Erik Danielsson says the band practices “Theistic Satanism”. And apparently the crowd in Brooklyn is into it. Police said there were no complaints after the show as vomit and blood covered headbangers exited the show.

Check out the video I snagged from TMZ


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