Remember the Balloon Boy?

That would be Falcon Henne, who for a few moments had the nation on edge after his parents claimed the-then six-year-old had sailed away unaccompanied in a hot air balloon.

When the balloon did land Falcon was nowhere to be found and it turned out he had been hiding in the garage the whole time. His father, Richard Henne, eventually served jail time after admitting he had orchestrated the whole thing to attract a reality TV show offer.

Well, for Falcon's latest trick, the nine-year old is the lead singer of the self-proclaimed "World's Youngest Metal Band." The Henne Boyz also feature Falcon's 12-year-old brother Ryo on drums and 13-year-old brother Bradford on guitar.

The band's website, which was no doubt written by Richard Henne, claims Falcon 'was born with an unusually high pitch voice that is unique and adds to the metal sound of the band."

This suggests Falcon's special talent won't make it through puberty. But you can still listen to the Henne Boys in all their fleeting uniqueness below.

While we can't say that the kid band's single 'Chasing Tornadoes' is any good, at least this time a Henne family publicity stunt won't involved the deployment of national guard helicopters.

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