The town of Troy is not the smallest town in the state of Montana, but this Lincoln County hamlet would certainly be considered a small town, at around 900 residents. With gorgeous scenery and lots of outdoor recreation opportunities, Troy is a gem in the northwest corner of Big Sky Country.

Troy also appears to not really give a hoot about the recommendations of national and state health officials because at the World Famous Dirty Shame Saloon the show must go on. According to a Tweet we spotted this week, they're hosting a male stripper and adult Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. COVID-19 be damned.

Here's a picture of the World Famous Dirty Shame Saloon.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

It looks like my kind of place. If it wasn't an eight-hour drive and there wasn't a pandemic sweeping the nation, the Adult Easter Egg hunt might be pretty fun. I'll pass on Anthony the male stripper.

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