OMG, I saw the commercial on TV last night. I slammed my laptop shut and let out a yell. My wife was like, "What's up with you?"

I said, "DID YOU SEE THAT??"

She's like, "See what?"

"THE TV COMMERCIAL!!!" I stuttered, pointing to the television, "spicy nuggets are back at Wendy's!"

I'm thrilled because it's one of my favorite items at Wendy's and I was really disappointed when they disappeared from the menu a while back. My wife doesn't share my passion for spicy chicken nuggets.

I called JJ down at the Central Avenue location today to confirm the news. He told me that spicy nuggets are indeed back at Wendy's. I asked him if he thought they would be on the menu permanently, and he said it was likely going to be one of those "limited time only" type things but "you never know with corporate."  So you're telling me there is hope, JJ? Hope that Spicy Nuggets will remain on the menu forever? I'll take that.

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