Reaching into the pantry for the coffee can this morning, I felt something sticking to my sock. It's dark in the kitchen and couldn't really tell what it was at first. "What the hell?", I thought.

My wife had been cleaning the pantry the day before and apparently she found mice droppings. We got a cat (Emma Kitty) a while back and I thought the she had been doing her job properly. It seems that Emma Kitty had missed a mouse or two. Hence the traps my wife laid out on the pantry floor.

She doesn't like the old-fashioned snappy traps, so we get these glue traps. If you have never used them before, they're basically a little plastic tray filled with the stickiest substance known to man. I think these are less humane that the snap traps, because the mice get stuck and struggle for hours until you find them, whereas the snap traps usually kill them instantly.

Anyway... after ripping the glue trap from my sock, I deliberated for about :30 seconds on how I was going to save the sock.  I ended up tossing it in the trash.

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