Seattles Gum Wall - Credit: Michael Foth
Seattles Gum Wall - Credit: Michael Foth

No doubt about it, there are some weird a** tourist attractions around this great nation of ours. Like the super-disgusting Gum Wall in Seattle.  We took a couple of the kids out there a few years ago and we were enjoying the sights and sounds of Pikes Market when we came upon this gross gem of tourist "attraction." I use the term attraction loosely because there is nothing attractive about it.

The world-famous Gum Wall is located in a large pedestrian tunnel that runs under a street. One entire wall of the tunnel (and part of the other side) is completely covered by layers upon layers of stuck-on chewing gum. Bubble gum. Minty gum. Fruity gum.  It's really disgusting. I heard they cleaned all the gum off a while back, and it's already becoming layered up with fresh gum. With a million tourists a year visiting, it sticks up fast. Yuck.

Did you know Montana has a couple of pretty odd things? Next time you're in downtown Billings swing by Al's Bootery. They have a strange item in a glass case worth seeing. And the worlds largest steer is located in Baker. He's dead. And stuffed, on display.

Did you spot any weird tourist attractions on any of your travels this summer? Share them with us!

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