Strangest Tourist Oddities Spotted on Vacation
We took the kids to Seattle a few years ago and were enjoying the sights and sounds of Pikes Market, when we came upon this gross gem of tourist "attraction". I use the term attraction loosely, because there is nothing attractive about it.
Billings Firefighters Do City Proud in Seattle [VIDEOS]
Our hats are off to our friends at Billings' Fire Department and Billings' Airport Fire for a job well done in Seattle.
A crew of 13 firefighters between the two departments recently competed for a good cause. They participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in support of fighting…
Billings Fire Department Prepares for Seattle [VIDEO]
It's that time of year once,  again. The Billings Fire Department and Billings Airport Fire are preparing to fly to Seattle for a great cause.
They call it the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb. Billings firefighters, along with many others in Montana and the country will compete in th…
Wake 'n Bake - Pot Infused Keurig Coffee
The little "K-Cups", as they are known, have caught a lot of criticism for being bad for the environment. Well, they are going green, but not in the way that will make the tree huggers happy.
If you're ever in Seattle, stop by Uncle Ike's Pot Shop to get a K-Cup infused wi…
The Inspiration Behind Spoonman [VIDEO]
Whether you were a fan of Soundgarden in the 90's, or just pretended to be, you no doubt heard their hit song "Spoonman". I remember hearing the song back in the day and thinking "What the hell is a spoonman?" Well, thanks to the internet, I don't have…
Meet Man In Skittles Suit
We found a Seattle Seahawks fan who took his obsession for Marshawn Lynch to a whole new level.
This Seattle native told us he used over 3,000 Skittles and that it took "900 man hours" to create his head-to-toe Skittles-covered suit. Lynch, of course, is well known for his love of t…