We got some rough news out of England this morning when we learned that Meat Loaf developed an as-yet undisclosed illness and was forced to cancel a British television appearance. The incident took place backstage minutes before he was scheduled to appear on the talk show, ‘Loose Women,’ and shortly after he was seen goofing around with a banana on his head to the delight of the show’s staff.

“A little bit of sad news, I’m afraid Meat Loaf has taken unwell so he’s unable to join us for the end of the show,” host Andrea McLean said. “Meat Loaf, I hope you feel better soon.”

The 64-year old singer and star of last year’s season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ has been beset by health problems recently. In Pittsburgh last summer, he fainted on stage due to an apparent asthma attack shortly after singing his hit ‘I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).’ After a 10-minute delay, Meat Loaf finished the show.

Three days later at an outdoor festival in New Jersey, he was seen sprawled on the ground after the show, but in a video message, he sternly denied that he had passed out, claiming that the combination of his asthma and the heat made it difficult for him to breathe. The singer received oxygen treatment and was able to have his scheduled meet-and-greet with his fans.

Meat Loaf’s new album, ‘Hell in a Handbasket,’ will be released March 12. It features his longtime backing band, the Neverland Express, and also contains a special appearance by rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy.

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