Fans of '80s rock hairbands might remember Cinderella's 1988 hit, "Don't Know What You Got (Til it's Gone)." If you've never heard the power ballad in all of its glammed-up glory, it's pretty awesome.

The title and chorus are kind of how we felt about stuff around Billings that we didn't realize how much we missed until it was gone. For a year, COVID has adjusted nearly everyone's life. All the fun stuff that makes Billings awesome, didn't really happen. As our COVID-19 numbers keep dropping, we're hoping these events will be back on the calendar this summer.

1. Strawberry Festival.

We didn't realize how much we looked forward to the unofficial kick-off to summertime downtown. Fingers crossed this tradition will happen in 2021.

2. Farmers Market.

Rumor has it the market is on for this year, according to a social media post I spotted, announcing a job posting for a Market Manager.

3. Alive After Five.

We're hoping the sounds of live bands and people having fun will once again echo down the streets of Billings in 2021.

4. MontanaFair.

Yes, I know the fair was technically not canceled because of COVID in 2020, but let's be honest... it wasn't really the fair. There were no concerts or shows and very few 4H events. Basically, it was a carnival.

5. Burn the Point.

Looking back, this event probably could have happened, but we were all still fairly new to "social distancing" when they pulled the plug. Surely, it will return this year?

6. Music in the park.

Like everything else, the summer concert series at Pioneer Park was canceled last year. We're looking forward to music, picnic baskets, and blankets in the park in 2021

7. Baseball game at Dehler Park.

Sports fan or not, catching any live sporting event sounds great for 2021.

8. A Concert.

Maybe this should have been #1 on our list? I didn't realize how much I missed going to a great show. Give us a band, any band. At this point, I'd be first in line for Cinderella tickets.

What are you hoping to see happen this year around Billings? Message us on the Mobile App or leave your comments.

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