200 Car Pile Up
Winter weather can wreak havoc on the roads, a lesson learned during a horrific accident last Friday in Michigan's Kalamazoo.
Wyoming Dog Shoots His Owner
Getting shot by your best friend is pretty bad, but getting shot by man's best friend (a.k.a. your dog) has to be even more surprising. Richard Fipps was getting his snow chains out when his dog accidentally stepped on his rifle and fired a shot into his arm...
Jose` Canseco Shoots Off His Middle Finger While Cleaning His Gun
Baseball legend Jose Canseco will be texting a little slower from now after accidentally blowing his middle finger completely off of his left hand. Apparently he was cleaning his gun and didn't realize it was loaded.  I am not a firearms safety expert, but here's a tip:  ALWAYS CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR GUN IS LOADED BEFORE YOU CLEAN IT...

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