Prime Day 2020: Top Deals and Fun Finds
Prime Day is happening later this year, but that just means you don't have to hide your Christmas gifts for as long! Here are some of our favorite finds for this year's event. Be sure to keep checking back as we will update this page with new deals as we find them.
Wearable Device Tells You When You Need To Poop
If you're in to high tech wearable devices, you might want to check out the D Free. With a simple press to your belly, this amazing piece of technology will tell you when your likely going to be heading to the restroom. It will even tell you what kind of dump it will be...
How To Control Your Teenagers Without Raising Your Voice Even Once
First I'd like to tip my hat to the parents whose kids get good grades because they study hard and who do their chores when asked. Unfortunately not all kids are that well behaved. Some pay their parents lip service to doing homework, cleaning their rooms etc. then logon to YouTube or text with their friends. Meanwhile others are openly defiant.
Sperm Counts Are on the Decline (Blame Electronics)
According to researchers, the sperm counts of European and American men have been steadily falling over the last 50 years. Scientists believe environmental factors are contributing this decline. Warm baths, nicotine and alcohol have always been sperm killers, but new threats such as the heat generated by a cell phone placed in a pocket or a notebook computer placed in the lap are also impacting s