Los Angeles

Smashing Pumpkins' Los Angeles house show gets shut down.
Smashing Pumpkins don't officially kick off their "Bright and Oh So Shiny" tour until July 12, but the band got the buzz rolling with a pair of Los Angeles-based appearances this past week. The group played a club show at the Troubadour and later returned to a house where they had done promotional shoots two decades ago to recapture the vibe of the "1979" era...
Billings' Message Hits the Road
As a former truck driver, this excites me. I would be honored to drive one of these rigs to promote our fine city, Billings, Montana! Here's a picture of my old rig to show I am not kidding: Well, Visit Billings has joined with Diversified Transfer and Storage (DTS) in rolling out five wrapped semi-trucks featuring stunning imagery of Billings and the surrounding areas encouraging travelers to exp
Shots Fired at LAX
UPDATE 2:30 p.m. EST: NBC is reporting that one TSA agent was killed and three others wounded. Airport police shot and may have killed the gunman at the scene. The shooter, whose identity has not been confirmed, was taken into custody after being shot.
Van Halen Warm Up For Tour With Secret Show in Los Angeles
Last night in Los Angeles, Van Halen gave critics and industry types even more reason to be optimistic about the upcoming U.S. tour. The band played for over an hour at Henson Studios in Hollywood, including three new cuts from ‘A Different Kind of Truth‘ amongst the greatest hits set list.