Last night in Los Angeles, Van Halen gave critics and industry types even more reason to be optimistic about the upcoming U.S. tour. The band played for over an hour at Henson Studios in Hollywood, including three new cuts from ‘A Different Kind of Truth‘ amongst the greatest hits set list.

The LA Times reports that of the three — including ‘Tattoo,’ ‘The Trouble With Never’ and ‘She’s the Woman’ — ‘She’s the Woman’ (which they referred to as ‘She’s the One’) was the tightest. The rest of the songs were as loud, focused and electric as they were before David Lee Roth left the band in 1984.

‘You Really Got Me,’ ‘Runnin’ With the Devil,’ ‘Unchained’ and ‘Dance the Night Away’ were included in the setlist, which could be a preview of what’s to come when the band kicks off their tour on Feb. 18 in Louisville, Ky. Below is a video of their encore. Vegas style dancers and an eight-man drumline helped close the show out with ‘Jump.’

The Times reports that Eddie Van Halen was spotted rubbing his wrist multiple times, but any pain he might have been experiencing didn’t slow him down. Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen got great reviews, as did Roth. The secret show also serves as an album release party of sorts for ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ which hits stores next Tuesday (Feb. 7)

Watch Van Halen Perform ‘Jump’ at Henson Studios