Vacation View
This is my vacation view.  My wife and I went on a vacation and took a great view from my camera.  Sitting on the bench, watching the sunset was awesome!  I read a few months ago about the worst pictures from vacations. Pictures of  food, drinks, lounge chairs, toes at the end of…
Memories Of Bacon Fest 2015
I had a great time at Billings Bacon Fest and wanted to share some memories from the 2015 edition.
Well over 2,000 were in attendance and at first sight, the crowd was a bit intimidating. Luckily, all of the vendors were seasoned pros, ready to deal with a hungry crowd...
Guns In High School Senior Pictures?
This sounds like one of those "only in Montana" stories, but it's actually taking place in a small Nebraska town.
Some seniors at Broken Bow high school wanted to pose with their guns for their senior pictures. Not in a threatening manner (no guns pointed at the camera or sidew…
10 Extreme BBQ Aprons for Memorial Day Weekend
In honor of Memorial Day, and all the barbecuing that will take place during the three-day weekend, we've compiled a gallery of handmade aprons from craft site Etsy that are sure to let everyone know who's boss of the grill.
- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor
Drummers Up Front
What's up with that you ask?  Well being a rock and roll drummer myself, you got to love it when someones decides to spotlight the poor sap hidden behind the kit.  This book is for anyone who wants a closer look at some of the greats. (especially drummers)  Check out this po…