School Sports is Back!
School is back in session and that means school sports.  It was fun as a student, but for some reason more fun as a parent to take in a High School Football game.  Tonight Billings Skyview opens the season at Wendy's field at Daylis Stadium against Missoula Sentinel at 7pm..  ...
How Could Team USA Lose To The Belgians?
I realize that soccer is about 18th on the priority list of most important sports to Americans but understand something... just shy of 320 million people live in the United States and only 11 million live in Belgium.
Billings Has Soccer Fans! Who knew?
On Sunday a buddy of mine and I went to a well known downtown watering hole to watch Team USA's World Cup Soccer match with Portugal (They tied 2-2 in case you were wondering). We arrived about 5 minutes before game time and to our surprise was met with the crowd you see above.
10 Painfully Awkward Soccer Fails
One of the most popular sports around the world, soccer (or should we say, football) is super fun to watch. And any soccer fan knows that the only thing more amusing than a sick goal is an epic soccer fail. Check out some great GIFs of what can only be described as total fails. You've never see…

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