My adventures running around Billings today took me to King Avenue East around lunchtime so I hit up the Diary Queen drive thru. I was craving one of their mushroom swiss burgers. Guess what? They don't carry them anymore. Nooooo! They were my favorite. I panic ordered and chose the DQ 1/4 pounder with bacon and cheese (the number 1?) and drove over to Amend Park to have a solo picnic. Fast food is always a gamble, but the burger and onion rings didn't disappoint today. Way to go, DQ! Enough about my lunch. Here's what's going on at Amend Park as of 5/8.

Construction crews and heavy equipment were moving around some pretty serious piles of dirt. It's all part of the upgrade to install artificial soccer turf, 500 seat, stadium-style bleachers, LED lighting and some other improvements.  According to KULR8's January story, Amend is also getting a digital scoreboard, thanks to a donation from Phillips 66.

It sounds like the upgrades were supposed to be done around the end of March, so I don't know if they're running a little behind or something. Regardless, the improvements will be a nice touch to this heavily used park. I can't tell you the number of hours I've spent at Amend watching the kids soccer games. Usually in the freezing wind, rain, brief moment of sun, followed by more wind and rain.

According to the City of Billings Park and Rec Department, Amend Park was built in 1984 at a cost of around $2.7 million, the site states, "Amend Park is the largest soccer complex in Billings. It is managed by the Amend Park Development Council."

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