Vacation View
This is my vacation view.  My wife and I went on a vacation and took a great view from my camera.  Sitting on the bench, watching the sunset was awesome!  I read a few months ago about the worst pictures from vacations. Pictures of  food, drinks, lounge chairs, toes at the end of a chair, pools, sunrise and sunset...
Vacation Time
To my defense, I really don't think about vacation days because for almost 40 years, I've been doing what I love, for a living
School Out Soon
Summer vacation is only weeks away and once again, working parents will have to make arrangements to juggle child care with their work schedule. I thought I'd ask around the office to see if any of the other parents had any recommendations and two of them brought up The Boys And Girls Club...
Need A Vacation? Here Are The Signs
I recently returned from a weeks vacation and I'm already showing signs of needing another. While perusing an article on, I realized my vacation didn't accomplish what it was supposed to. Is your job stressful? Are you white knuckling your computer mouse as your co-worker drones on and on about their children...
How Would You Like 4 Day Weekends EVERY Week?
Should We Have a Three-Day Work Week? The World's Second-Richest Person Says Yes! Sometimes you hear about companies that let people work four days a week, which sounds great.  So THIS sounds even better... or does it?   CARLOS "SLIM" HELU is the second-richest person in the world, he's a Mexican businessman worth $80.3 bi...
My Favorite Vacation Photo
I made my escape from Billings psychotic weather this past weekend (if Billings weather were a person it would be wearing a hockey helmet and live in a rubber room) and took advantage of the great one-way rates to Los Angeles
voting has begun!
Who's the cutest Disney Kid in Billings? It's time to dress up your child as their favorite Disney character, take a picture, and then submit it to us here. Because the cutest Disney Kid in Billings and their family is going on a trip to Disneyland courtesy of 103.7 The Hawk and Alaska Airlines.

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